Cogglesford Mill, part of the Heritage Open Day artist residency with Mark Steadman | Photo by Arlo Brown

In addition to the multi-arts programme at the Hub, we are also a focal point for arts and cultural activities taking place throughout the North Kesteven district, wider Lincolnshire and beyond. Our specialist staff work with artists, communities and partners to develop unique projects, supporting R&D, creative consultation, appointing artists, fundraising, delivering participatory activity, overseeing the production and installation of artwork and managing events.

Projects can take many forms including public art commissions, artist residencies, festivals, wellbeing activities, heritage inspired projects, walking trails and more!

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Recent Outreach Projects

No Wrong Way
During 2020-21 artist Charlotte Tupper has delivered regular face-to-face creative sessions with staff and Year 5 pupils at Church Lane Primary School in Sleaford.

The premise was there is ‘No Wrong Way’ to be creative! The project aimed to improve wellbeing as well as increase pupils’ confidence and enjoyment of the process of making – without focusing on specific artistic outcomes. Artists and artworks from the 2020 Body & Mind, Seen & Unseen exhibition were used as inspiration, with the children making their own works in response to themes and techniques from the show including print-making, cyanotypes, positive statement banners, weaving and dioramas.

Staff CPD sessions focused on different ways of using colour and mark-making, exploring basic materials found in school in new, creative ways.

The project has been completed despite the pandemic, and as a result of the school closures the sessions with the artist became even more important to the pupils. The children were given sketchbooks to record their journeys, and these have been especially well-used, both in school for wellbeing and taken home over the holidays for special projects.

The exhibition was shown at the Hub in the Spring of 2021 and was co-curated with the pupils, giving them ownership of the process and an important voice in our building.

The project has been funded by The Johnson & Mukherjee Trust.

Our Place
Our Place is a project that the Hub has taken part in alongside 6 other venues from across the East Midlands, where artists have been commissioned in order to co-create new work that’s inspired by the theme of ‘this is our place’.

The project that took place here at the Hub has been documented by a professional filmmaker and formed part of a sharing event that went live and was broadcast for the first time at a sharing and celebration event of all of the Our Place projects at the beginning of September.

The film created featuring all of the projects is available to watch now and visit the Junction Arts website for a version including BSL or audio described versions.

Partner Organisations:

Junction Arts - Chesterfield (Lead Partner)

City Arts - Nottingham

Soft Touch Arts - Leicester

People Express - Swadlincote

Surtal Arts - Derby

High Peak Community Arts - High Peak

The Hub, in association with six arts organisations from across three counties, are thrilled to be taking part in Our Place which showcases the people and places of the East Midlands through the arts.

Our Place is a partnership project led by Junction Arts and only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Front Room Art Club
Front Room Art Club was delivered by Lincolnshire-based artist Lee Sass, and originally aimed to deliver creative skills workshops with volunteers and support staff from partner organisations, who in turn would deliver creative activities with the participants under their care. Due to the restrictions of COVID, the project evolved to enable the artist to work remotely with the participants.

28 participants signed-up through North Kesteven VCS, the Mental Health Transformation Team, Evergreen Befriending Service, the Neighbourhood Team for South West Lincolnshire and the Social Prescribing Link Workers for Grantham and Sleaford. Our partners ensured we were reaching out to some of the most vulnerable and isolated members of our local community, many of whom were already identifying as lonely and house-bound well before the pandemic.

The artist designed a series of activities and art packs to encourage participants to explore creative thinking, make representations of their life story and consider the views out of their window. The project concluded with an opportunity to connect with us through mail-art drawing activities to create a ‘window garden’. Sass sent starter vinyl window sticker packs to each participant, along with instructions to design and make their own. The group could also create their own drawings or words which the artist has turned into new vinyl designs. These are represented here, bringing the work of the group together for the first time.

Funded by Lincolnshire County Council’s Community Collaboration Fund and Places Team.

Rainbow Roads
A fun, inclusive series of poetry and illustration workshops delivered mostly online, leading to the production of a co-created limited edition book and exhibition at the Hub in Summer 2021, sharing the poems and artworks created through the project.

Designed and delivered, by writer and illustrator Ed Boxall, the project is led by the Hub, in partnership with the United Together mental health support groups, based at The Foyer in Sleaford. These groups have been unable to meet throughout the pandemic, and this project aims to encourage them to reconnect with each other through different creative activities.

Everyone from the United Together has been invited to take part, even if they can’t attend the online sessions. There are activity sheets and/or materials packs and prompts for each weekly theme, and the artist has ensured all activities are accessible and inclusive for everyone, tailoring alternative approaches to the creative activities, including sensory prompts, textures and sounds.

The project culminates in an exhibition at the Hub on now in our Window Collection.

The project was funded through the Community Power Fund.

Mrs Smith’s Cottage
We are working with Design Nation member Nicki Jarvis on her artist residency at Mrs Smith’s Cottage in Navenby, which sits along the Ridges & Furrows Trail (see below). The cottage is a rare time-capsule into a bygone era. Its largely unaltered state and long-term resident, the eponymous Mrs Smith, provide a fascinating insight into how people used to live. Nicki Jarvis is responding to Mrs Smith’s life, her diaries and her village, with participatory activity and new artworks that will delicately reflect her thoughts and ethics.

Nicki has been working with Cliff Carnival recently and secured funding for a Festival Flag Project. The past year or so has been hard for everyone, but it has also made us more aware of our community. The project aims to create a permanent marker of this time, by producing a series of festival flags during free workshops at The Venue in August 2021. The flags captured the experiences & the spirit of these rural Lincolnshire communities in words and pictures.

Image: Nicki Jarvis Collaborative Rag Rug Making

The Nettles Volunteer Group
The Nettles is a small natural area on the southern bank of the River Slea. Historically this was an uncultivated parcel of land predominantly inhabited by nettles. Its redevelopment began as early as 1998 when artsNK and other partners planted what is now possibly the longest willow sculpture in the county. Today the site is a creative green space managed by a volunteer group in partnership with the Hub and Hill Holt Wood, providing public access to an outside exhibition and workshop space for sculpture, craft and design projects as well as other community created art installations. The site is maintained for nature with distinct nettle beds (a food plant for many butterfly caterpillars), sympathetic mowing of the grassland allowing wildflowers to flourish and nectar-rich shrubs and fruit trees. The living willow screen - itself a haven for nesting birds - is pruned, woven and sculpted each winter with the offcuts often used in other creative projects.

Led by a Hill Holt Wood Ranger, the Nettles Volunteer Group meets on the second Monday of each month taking part in seasonal maintenance tasks that include grass cutting, wildflower planting, litter picking, tree pruning, hazel coppicing and living willow sculpting. Please come down to find out more!

On Sat 17 July 2021, The Nettles hosted a free Woodcarving Festival celebrating this traditional craft with family-friendly artist-led activities and demonstrations.

The Nettles Facebook page

Public Art Commissions
We have worked with many different communities to create and produce a fantastic range of public artwork – enriching everyday experiences in this rural part of the country. Many of the artworks sit within the numerous art and heritage walking and village trails that meander through North Kesteven.

Ridges & Furrows Arts & Heritage Trail
Ridges & Furrows is an arts & heritage trail linking the Hub with OneNK via the Lincoln Edge. The trail was developed in 2017 alongside a programme of cultural events and arts experiences exploring and celebrating communities, local heritage and the landscape across key locations along the route. You can find more information on the website about the sculptures by Grennan & Sperandio around the Waddington Heritage Trail and other projects.

Grennan & Speradio, Emblems, Waddington | Photo: Electric Egg
Image: Grennan & Speradio, Emblems, Waddington | Photo: Electric Egg

Download the Ridges & Furrows Trail Map

When in Sleaford… Arts & Heritage Trail
When in Sleaford… is an art trail inspired by the rich heritage of Sleaford. The trail features a series of beautiful bronze roundels, created by artist David Mackie, sited in pavements and on walls around the town. The artworks act as way-markers, mapping out pathways through and around Sleaford and signposting residents and visitors to other public artworks.

FREE When in Sleaford trail maps and stickers can also be picked up from the Hub, Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm & Sun, 10am-4pm.

Sleaford Civic Trust Heritage Trail

You can join in the trail at any of the locations mentioned below, but the recommended starting point is in Navigation Yard where you will also find Navigation House; this is the starting point for many of the walking trails in and around Sleaford and is an excellent source of local information.

Spires & Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail
The Spires and Steeples trail, from Lincoln Cathedral to St Denys’ Church, Sleaford, brings together the rich history, heritage and local stories of the area. It has many beautiful artworks, churches, interesting landscapes and picturesque skies.

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