Explore Colour, Pattern and Creative Recycling with Textile Art

Thu 9, 16, 23, & 30 Sep, 7.30 – 9pm

£45*, 12yrs+, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult, materials pack worth £12 included


Telephone: 01529 308 710

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*£45, materials pack worth £12 included
£45 for international purchases (materials not included)
£65 for international purchases with materials pack shipped

This 4-week online course looks at the potential of mixed media materials and ways to use and explore colour, patterns and textures to create textile art samples. During the 4 weeks, artist Jessica Grady will take you through a selection of her techniques to create exciting and creative results playing with recycled materials, textiles, embroidery and mark-making skills. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to get creative and try something new with no previous experience needed. You will leave the course with a treasure trove of samples on paper, fabric and other materials - as well as a finalised textile art design - and plenty of ideas and inspiration to put forward in other projects!

Week 1: Playing with Colour and Pattern on paper

Week 1 is all about starting ideas looking at ways to create shapes and patterns on paper surfaces with collage and mark-making ideas. Jessica will introduce ways to add simple hand embroidery into your papers, as well as how to layer and combine shapes and add further textures with coloured pens and pencils on paper.

Week 2: Creative Hand Embroidery + Unusual Threads

Week 2 is all about looking at simple hand embroidery stitches and the way they can be altered to make different shapes and textures on fabric. Jessica will also show alternative ideas with thread and yarn substitutes such as stitching with recycled wires, elastic bands and recycled plastic strips.

Week 3: Embellishments + 3D Textures on Fabric

Week 3 is how to add and build embellishments; this builds on using skills with embroidery from week 2. Jessica will demonstrate how you can manipulate materials to create layering and 3D embellishment ideas. As well as traditional textile materials Jessica will show you how to use recycled and unusual materials such as washers, dyed tubing and die-cut recycled shapes.

Week 4: Designing a Motif + Combining Skills

Week 4 takes all the skills learnt in the sessions so far and combines them to begin creating a textile mixed media art piece. Jessica will look at everyone’s work individually, going through techniques and ideas for allowing each participant to create a unique outcome. Jessica will show you ways to add and expand upon what you have learnt so far, adding in new embellishment and embroidery stitch ideas and thinking about design placement and composition.

Materials Pack includes:

Week 1 – Selection of coloured papers – Sewing needle x 2 (large and small eye) – Selection of mixed recycled materials such as, plastic packaging, fabric swatches, vinyl offcuts, wallpapers

Week 2 – Fabric base – 4 inch wooden embroidery hoop – Bundle of coloured embroidery thread – Bundle of thicker ribbons/wools/yarns – Wire – Elastic bands – Dyed plastic strips

Week 3 – Fabric base – Selection of die-cut sequins – Dyed and painted tubing – Painted washers – Selection of embellishments

Week 4 - This final week is designed to be a combination of the three previous weeks so participants can utilise materials from the 3 previous classes too – Fabric base – Mixed fabric/paper/recycled plastic swatches – Additional embellishments such as beads, buttons, washers, dyed plastics

What participants will need to have at home:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or double sided tape
  • Crayons/coloured pencils/felt tips (for Week 1)
  • Pins (optional)


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