RiverLight 2024 - Dance

Finale, Sat 22 Jun

Free, move to the beat of the festival with these vibrant dance performances. Audience participation essential!

Sat 22 June

Cheerleading by Go Dance

10.00 -10.20 - Eastgate Green ///soccer.olive.punks

11.00 - 11.20 - Riverside Centre ///handle.pots.wooden

Watch the energetic cheerleading performances from Go Dance students and find out more about classes with this local dance school.

Arcade by Casson & Friends

10.00 -10.30 - Riverside Centre ///handle.pots.wooden

11.30 -12.00 - Eastgate Green ///soccer.olive.punks

13:00 -13.30 - Eastbanks ///skips.aside.shark

16.00 -16.30 Eastgate Green ///soccer.olive.punks

A fun, interactive performance with short dance ‘games’ to connect people of all ages with the childlike joy of play! Brilliantly facilitated by the friendly team of performers, some games are mesmerising to watch, and others invite everyone to join - #LetsPlayARCADE!
“Absolute genius - whether you watch or participate, it can’t fail to make you smile!” Audience member

Glide by Unify Dance Company

12.45 -12.55 - Riverside Centre ///handle.pots.wooden

Unify Dance Company are excited to showcase their new work ‘Glide’ which they have been creating with choreographer Emma Bouch with support from dance artist Jasmine Gladding. Unify is a creative contemporary dance class open to all and specifically tailored for adults with a learning disability, neurodiverse or both. The classes are based in Skellingthorpe and run by the hub dance team. Glide is based on the exploration of how birds move and interact in the wild focusing on their flight patterns and behaviours with each other.

Turning Point by Feet Off the Ground

11.00 -11.50 - Eastbanks ///skips.aside.shark

14.00 -14.50 - Eastbanks ///skips.aside.shark

The world is spinning, the future is uncertain but we have power to change it. Using a rotating stage and blending contemporary dance with poetry and an evocative soundscape to unravel women’s stories of protest, climate, community and hope. Together the performers journey through exhaustion, celebration and solidarity; expressing the freedom, resilience and spirit it takes to care for each other and the world we live in.

Silent Disco with Dance Free

12:00 - 12:45 - The Nettles ///smiled.rate.costs

13.30 -14.15 - The Nettles ///smiled.rate.costs

Dance in nature together, to move and connect with ourselves, nature and others. A dance journey of ambient, euphoric and soul stirring world beats using silent disco headsets to feel the music and share the rhythms.
The dance starts with a short facilitated warm up to guide dancers to drop deep into body and out of mind, then move however you feel, no right or wrong, in a non-judgment space. All welcome.

Migration by Hub Youth Dance Groups

15.40 -16.00 - Eastgate Green ///soccer.olive.punks

Migration is a piece created by participants in the Hub youth dance programme based at OneNK in North Hykeham. The piece is inspired by the wildlife of the River Slea and its flowing current. The dance will feature styles including break dance, street dance and contemporary as part of the finale celebration of Riverlight.

RiverLight Festival

Thu 13 Jun 2024, 1–4pm

Heart and Shoal Home Education Workshop

Free, all ages welcome, drop - in, please book
Only those participating need to book a place

RiverLight Event

Sat 15 Jun 2024, 10am–4pm

Lincolnshire Sings - Singing Day

£10, 16yrs+
St Denys Church, Sleaford

RiverLight Performance

Sun 16 Jun 2024, 2–2:55pm

Transir by Rojo Telón

Free, all ages
Eastgate green ///soccer.olive.punks