Schools Invited to be part of a Coat of Hopes

Tue 14 Jun 2022

As you approach the final term at school, the Hub would love you to take part in our project Inspired by the Coat of Hopes - we invite you to contribute a square to add to our Hub Hopes Bunting, which will be exhibited alongside the Coat of Hopes at the Hub on Fri 24 and Sat 25 Sep 2022. Download the handout which includes examples to help inspire ideas.

What is the Coat of Hopes?

Coat of Hopes
The Coat of Hopes was made, worn and walked by hundreds of people over hundreds of miles from Newhaven on the south coast of England to the gates of COP 26, the UN climate summit, in Glasgow last autumn. The coat is made up of patches that illustrate the griefs, remembrances, beliefs and hopes of people along its route and beyond. It is an invitation to be feel the love that it holds, and to carry the weight of responsibility we all share to respond to the climate and ecological emergency we face together.

What to do:
Think about the message you want to share, the action you’d like to take, and the hopes you have for a better, safer and more eco-friendly future.

Your squares must be 18cm x 18cm. Lay out your materials and play with them in situ, exploring different elements that could make up the design. Think about the techniques that you will use e.g applique, felting, embroidery, fabric painting/printing. Decide on your design, position your materials, images and words and get creating! Make sure you get your squares to us by Fri 10 Sep so we can add it to the exhibition!

Visit for more inspiration.

For more details about the exhibition at the Hub please visit the exhibition page here.

Please note: the exhibition will be open to schools on Fri 24 Sep and to the public on Sat 25 Sep.

Schools please book via