Free Dance Activities & Challenges

Mon 12 Oct 2020

Photo: Electric Egg

During the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, the Hub Dance team created a range of dance challenges and tutorials for people to try at home to help keep us happy and dancing.

All of these activities can be found on the Hub dance social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. The dance team have selected some of the challenges and tutorials below for you to try.

Instagram: @hubsleaford-dance

Facebook: @hub-sleaford Dance Team

Please make sure you warm up before participating and there are no obstructions in your space.

In the unlikely event that you cause yourself or others harm whilst participating in our online activities you accept that the Hub is not liable. By taking part in any of our online activities you/your child also take full responsibility in ensuring you are participating safely in your home. For example by making sure you have enough space while participating in the activity and making alterations to the movement if needed.

Contemporary Dance Phrase

Here is an intermediate contemporary dance phrase which Emma from the dance team created. Feel free to make the movement your own there is no set counts. The choreography is totally open for you to feel the music and have fun with the movement. Please share your videos with us via social media we would love to see them.

Dance and Disabilities - Creative task tutorial

Here is an inclusive creative task which Emma from the dance team originally ran in our online Dance and Disabilities classes. This task is suited to all to try from home either as an individual or as a family. Please share your videos with us via social media we would love to see them. Have fun!

Doodle and Dance

Here is one of our dance challenges called Doodle and Dance. This challenge was created by Emily from the dance team for Get Creative Week. Please follow the steps below and check out Emily’s example in this film to help you. Have fun!

Step 1: Start by creating your own doodle – drawing shapes, patterns, lines, dots, squiggles, swirls whatever comes out, there’s no right or wrong.

Step 2: Looking at your doodle notice the shapes that have emerged, what do they remind you of? What textures do they have?

Step 3: How might you transfer your doodle to movement? Perhaps a jagged line is a sharp spikey movement? A straight line could be a slide or a walk? A swirl could be a slow spiralling turn and a dot could be a jump or explosion?

Step 4: Pick out sections of your doodle and create movements for them (you can do as many or as few as you like). The placement of the doodle on the page might help you pick a rhythm for the movement or give you an idea of the dynamics.

Step 5: Put your movements together (this could be in order that you look at them across the page or a mix as to which you think go best together).

Step 6: Is there a piece of music or soundtrack that would compliment your doodle and/or your movement – try adding it.

Shadow Dance Challenge

There is no wrong or right way of doing this challenge it is totally your interpretation. We would like you to film or take a photo of yourself exploring movement possibilities as if you are dancing a duet with your own shadow. We would like you to think about the angles of your movement and where your camera is positioned in your space. Perhaps you could even play around with editing your film on your phone or other device. Your movement doesn’t have to be big it can be completely pedestrian using one body part perhaps. And the movement can be any style.

The dance team would love to support you in these challenges so please contact the team if you have any questions.

Happy making!