Mon 27 Jun 2022

Over on our Family & Community Facebook group over the course of lockdown we have been looking for ways of keeping you busy, creative and entertained by devising a series of activities to have a go at at home. Here are some of our favourites:

A-Z Colouring Sheets

These activity sheets have been designed by Hub staff, and feature white letters on a black background. They are great for anyone - all ages and abilities - who doesn’t want to ‘colour in the lines’! Make different coloured shapes and geometric patterns to create unique letter shapes.

Download the A-Z Colouring Sheets

Clay Treasure Pot Worksheet

Created by the Hub for the Get Creative and Hey Clay celebrations in May 2020, this easy step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to make a clay treasure pot with lid using air-drying clay. Suitable for children and adults.

Download the Clay Treasure Pot Worksheet

Comfort Box Worksheet

Originally created for the ‘Body & Mind’ wellbeing season in 2020, this activity takes inspiration from artist Kim Welling’s ‘Comfort Boxes’. Create a small paper box, featuring objects or phrases that will help you cope with difficult emotions. Suitable for older children and adults.

Download the Comfort Box Worksheet

Fantasy Landscape Worksheet

This worksheet leads towards creating a fantasy landscape with a range of mix-media techniques including painting, printmaking and collage. Imagine somewhere alien, magical and fun! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Download the Fantasy Landscape Worksheet

Mindfulness Activity Sheets

Our wonderful Gallery Team developed a whole range of uplifting colouring, doodling and mindful activities for anyone to enjoy. They are designed to make us think about what we are grateful for, what we enjoy and how some things make us feel. Download and dive in!

Download the Mindfulness Activity Sheets

Paper Weaving Worksheet

This paper weaving activity is great fun for older children and adults. You can use any type of paper from magazines, wrapping paper to recycled cards. You can play around with the design, try mixing different colours and patterns, or try different width strips to experiment.

Download the Paper Weaving Worksheet

Salt Dough Instructions

Why not create your own play dough with this simple and safe recipe, using flour, salt and water. You can add colour by mixing in paint or even food colouring!

Download the Salt Dough Tutorial

Wish Dolls Worksheet

Follow this simple and traditional technique to create a chain of paper dolls. Decorate them and write your wishes on the back. You can give them to someone special, or just keep them in an envelope as a tiny time capsule!

Download the Wish Dolls Worksheet

Wonderful Ways to Walk with Young Children

These two new worksheets are full of inspirational ideas for creative and mindful walks with young children. These are suitable for anyone caring for or working with young children.

Download the Wonderful Ways to Walk Worksheets