The 62 Group: Tailored Exhibition Opening

Mon 8 Apr 2024

Introductions by Claire Barber & Clare Edwards

We opened our NEW exhibition on Sat 30 Mar as we welcomed guest speakers and artists from the 62 Group to introduce their work and tell us more about the making process.

The 62 Group: Tailored brings together work by internationally renowned textile artist collective, the 62 Group, taking as its starting point the the theme and process of tailoring. Cutting, tacking and construction techniques all feature strongly in the exhibition.

30 Mar - 7 Jul 2024

Artist Talks: Paddy Killer, Isobel Currie & Teresa Whitfield

Left to right: Paddy Killer, Fits Like a Glove, Isobel Currie, Pad Stitch Manipulations & Teresa Whitfield, Woollen Stockings for the Mending Girl

In the 1970’s Paddy worked in haute couture. Now arthritis means she has limited mobility with her hands. Unable to do fine hand sewing, she has drafted this pattern for imagined gloves, enabling someone to make pairs for her that fit perfectly and elegantly around her bent fingers and nodes.

Don’t miss!

The 62 Group: Speed Date the Artists Sat 8 Jun / 2-4pm / Free / Book Now

Join members of the 62 Group to find out more about the works in the exhibition. Each artist will have just 6 minutes to talk before you’re whisked off to another area of the gallery to listen to someone else!

“There is this stitch that people walking around in hand tailored suits are probably not even aware of. Pad Stitch is used primarily in collars and lapels of suits and its designed to curve the fabric very subtly to give a better shape to the suit, which is why you pay so much for it”

Isobel Currie

Did you know?

Teresa’s piece looks like a framed pair of real stockings even when up close, but they are in fact ink on paper. She intricately builds up the threads and the fine detail of her pen strokes that almost imitate the texture of the material.

Artist Talks: Jane Walkley & Helen Davies

Left to right: Jane Walkley, Guard Book Study II - IX & Helen Davies, This is My Strong Suit

Jane Walkley’s piece may look like ceramic but they are made using traditional tapestry techniques and hand-cast jesmonite resin. Jane creates sculptural and tactile pieces that maintain a physical and visual connection to the sites and people she is researching. Her work invites viewers to delve into their own memories and attachments, through evocative and informative means.

Jane Walkley: The Fabric of Industry will be opening in the Ground Floor Gallery on 20 April, find more about the exhibition HERE.

” I was thinking of tailoring in the way of sculpting of the body and how you want to present it. I wanted to make the motifs move with the curves of the jacket which creates an exaggerated form”

Helen Davies

Young Persons Collective

We invited our Young Persons Collective to the talk and we asked them to give a review of the event.

“I thought everyone spoke in a really welcoming and thoughtful way. Listening to the talk bought the exhibition alive and helped me to understand the complex meaning behind the pieces. Before the talk I could see all the pieces, but now they have meaning. It was an enjoyable time”