Lincolnshire’s Young Designers Sustainability Competition

The Hub - Sleaford is celebrating the creative talent of students in Lincolnshire, through a competition and exhibition at the Hub.


Calling all young Lincolnshire designers with an aptitude for design and an interest in sustainability. We are launching a competition to design/create an innovative product while remaining environmentally conscious and embracing a circular mindset - giving back what we take from our planet by reuse, reduce and repair.

Selected designers will be exhibited at the Hub as well as showcase them on our online gallery.

The competition is open to any school or FE students in Lincolnshire over 16, including home educated young people.

The Work:

The work submitted can cover a variety of disciplines and techniques in 2D and/or 3D with an underpinning ‘sustainable design’ focus. Proposals must include design development and the final outcome either in 3D form or 2D image.


The Hub’s selection panel will then anonymously select the work for the exhibition using the criteria below:

  1. Innovation
  2. Sustainability
  3. Design Functionality
  4. Design Appeal


28 Feb 2022: Expression of Initial interest form to be completed by school / FE facility or guardian. Expression of interest form.

29 April 2022: Submission of application forms, good quality images of work to be put forward for the exhibition. Sent via email for the selection panel. Images need to be sent by an image sharing platform i.e. We Transfer etc.

16 May 2022: Hub Selection Panel

6 June 2022: Exhibitors notified by email.

7 - 10 July 2022: Work to be delivered to the Hub. (Named and labelled)

11 July 2022: Hang all design work (Exhibition and Hub staff will install and de-install the artworks)

16 July – 4 Sept 2022: Show opens to the public

5 – 7 September 2022: Work to be collected.

What to submit:

Step 1 – Deadline 28 Feb 2022

Teachers or guardians complete the initial interest form.

Step 2 – Deadline 29 April 2022

Students are expected to submit a completed form outlining their project, alongside 3 good quality images of the student’s work to for the selection panel to judge.

Step 3 Work to be delivered between 7 - 10 July 2022

Once the selection panel has taken place, the chosen students work will need to be sent to the Hub-Sleaford.

The student’s project will be presented on 3 x A3 presentation boards displaying their work by the Hub.

Any 3D models/final pieces that coincide with the student’s project may be displayed alongside the 2D boards.