Welcome to My World

Ceramics with Narrative

26 Nov 2022 – 19 Mar 2023

Main Gallery

This touring exhibition brings together the work of contemporary artists working with clay who create worlds of pop culture references, social commentary, and political satire; worlds that invite you in through the inventiveness of the makers.

All of the exhibiting artists inhabit their own stylistic worlds, which they use to present their experiences and reflections on current affairs, human emotions, and shared cultural histories. Come and take a wander through their worlds and experience the unique story each artwork has to tell.

The exhibition features work by some of studio ceramics’ most recognisable artists, including Richard Slee, Philip Eglin, Ian Godfrey, Stephen Bird, Steve Dixon, Paul Scott and Matt Smith. Alongside exciting early-career artists, including the winner of the 2020 Ingram Prize, Connor Coulston.

Please be aware that this exhibition contains strong language and adult themes.

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