The NCCD & artsNK Dance Team STAY:UP for Charity

Thu 15 Oct 2020

Members of our team took up the challenge set by Centrepoint, a charity that supports homeless young people to STAY:UP all night on Thu 8 Oct.

The event saw individuals and teams of people around the UK stay up from 8pm to 8am in aid of raising sponsorship to help support the work that Centrepoint does in helping young people move on from homelessness and build a future they can believe in.

Everyone taking part in the challenge was encouraged to take on a task to help them get through the night and our team chose to create a zine, with each team member creating an element based around the theme of their favourite bedtime story.

“We all recognised that the work Centrepoint is such a worthy cause and we were shocked by the scale of the problem, with over 110,000 young people seeking help with homelessness last year. As a group we wanted to make what small contribution we could.”

Mark Bowery, Marketing Coordinator

In total seven members of staff took part, with two staying up all night and creating a zine with everyone’s contribution in. You can take a look at the full zine here and some examples of the individual artworks that were created can be seen below.

If you would like to donate to this incredibly important cause, then the donation page is still open here.

Peter Pan Film Reel Photo by Visitor Experience Assistant, Rebecca Wymant

Wild Swans Collage by Visual Arts Development Coordinator, Lucy Lumb

Hickory Dickory Dock, Colouring Page Illustration by Visitor Experience Assistant, Rachael Clark

Hansel & Gretal Witches House by Marketing Assistant, Sophie Arnold

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Digital Collage by Marketing Coordinator, Mark Bowery

Little Red Riding Hood Illustration by Visitor Experience Assistant, Susannah Sendall

Which Fairy Tale Character are you?

Use the Rumpelstiltskin Quiz to find out…

1. If you could spin straw into something that’s more precious, what would you choose to spin it into?

a) Chocolate
b) Gold
c) Paper
d) Wine

2. If you were locked in a tower by the King and given the choice of following impossible commands or facing execution, what would you do?

a) Try your best to do as commanded, despite knowing your best efforts will be futile
b) Tell the King his commands are impossible and face whatever consequences come
c) Plot to overthrow your captors
d) Attempt to escape and flee the county

3. If visited by an Elf what would you do?

a) Tell yourself you’re seeing things and need new glasses
b) Attempt to capture the creature and offer him up as payment for your release
c) Do whatever the Elf tells you
d) Hide

4. If the Elf held the key to your survival but demanded payment, what would you offer up in return?

a) A priceless family heirloom – such as a piece of jewellery
b) Ten years of service to him
c) Your firstborn child
d) Anything you think might interest him but with no intentions of keeping up your end of the bargain

5. Once you’re released from the tower by the King (thanks to the Elf’s intervention), the King decides he wants to marry you. What do you do?

a) Refuse point blank to marry anyone who had previously locked you in a tower
b) Accept immediately – who wouldn’t want the Royal status?
c) Initially accept the offer but set up a grand scheme to overthrow the King on the day of the wedding
d) Marry him anyway, you know he’ll execute you if you don’t

6. The Elf will only release you from your end of the bargain if you can guess his name. What do you do?

a) Make wild guesses
b) Put the Elf on 24 hour surveillance to pick up any clues about his what his name could be
c) Make a spreadsheet of all possible names and work out the probability of which is his due to age, background and ability to spin straw into precious metal
d) You guess Rumpelstiltskin – you just have an inkling

Who are you?
Work out your score for your answers

Q1: a) 1, b) 3, c) 2, d) 4
Q2: a) 2, b) 3, c) 4, d) 1
Q3: a) 3, b) 4, c) 2, d) 1
Q4: a)1, b) 3, c) 2, d) 4
Q5: a) 3, b) 1, c) 4, d) 2
Q6: a) 2, b) 4, c) 3, d) 1

The Gingerbread Man (Scores 6 – 10)

Just as the Gingerbread Man leapt from the oven and ran away, your tendency is to avoid awkward scenes and confrontations by fleeing and hiding. But be warned! Even though The Gingerbread Man could outrun his baker, the farm workers and farm animals, he was eventually caught by the cunning fox and eaten piece by piece. Consider taking a leaf out of Mulan’s book and turning around to fight back once in a while.

Cinderella (Scores 11 – 15)

Like Cinderella you tend to accept the hand you’ve been dealt. You do as you’re told in order to maintain a quiet life and avoid trouble. Like Cinderella though you may have to bite your tongue and put up with the likes of an evil stepfamily bossing you around in order to keep the peace. Is it worth sticking this out and waiting for your Fairy Godmother to show up? Does she even exist?

Jiminy Cricket (Scores 16 – 20)

It’s important to you to always speak the truth, you tell it as it is no matter the consequences. Just as Jiminy Cricket acted as Pinocchio’s conscience, attempting to help him choose the right and noble path, so you, always let your conscience be your guide and lead you in all you say and do.

Mulan (Scores 21 – 24)

Unlike Cinderella you do not accept the situation you’re in. You are Mulan, prepared to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones. Mulan will not let her frail father go off to war, so she takes matters into her own hands, disguises herself as a man and takes up her father’s place in the army. Like Mulan you are not afraid to be the rebel, cause a scene or start a mutiny to get where you need to be.

By Dance Development Officer, Emily Luce