Work Experience at the Hub

Wed 28 Jul 2021

Throughout the year, as an organisation we do our best to support young people in gaining experience of working in an arts venue such as ours. Being able to offer work experience was disrupted during the past year or so, due to the pandemic and so we were pleased to welcome our first placement of 2021 this July, A-level student, Barney.

As part of his time here, Barney answered a few questions about his experiences with us here at the Hub after working alongside multiple members of the Hub team in different departments.

What did you expect to achieve with your work experience? And how has the experience so far differed?
Before I came, I expected to gain some experience in a gallery environment, mainly just to see first-hand what it’s like to work at a place like the Hub. The experience so far has been better than I expected, I’m constantly working on something which means I’m never bored.

What’s been the best part of your work experience so far?
Designing a poster for a climate change event the Hub are taking part in. I liked that I had a bit of independence to create something.

Why did you choose to apply to do work experience at the hub?
I applied because I already knew it was quite a prestigious place, and for the field I’m potentially looking to pursue a career in it could be really beneficial to learn from being here. Also, I’d been in before when I was younger, so I was fairly familiar with some of it already.

Is this the sort of place that you’d like to work one day? What role do you see yourself in?
I would be happy working in a place similar to the Hub one day, it’s a friendly environment and enjoyable work. I could maybe see myself working in the gallery, or another job related to the actual artwork.

Have you got a favourite artwork or exhibition here at the Hub? Why do you like it?
My favourite artwork on at the moment is probably the Pea Run by Jo Fairfax. I like how complex it is and how it’s something entertaining as well as artistic. What drew me to this particular artwork is knowing the inspiration behind it of the workers in the factory.

If you’re interested in taking part in work experience at the Hub, see our Support page for more information or email