Work Experience Review

Thu 6 Jul 2023

Hello, my name is Eva and I am a year 10 student from Barnes Wallis Academy. I applied to the Hub for my Work experience because of the large range of media they teach and the unique exhibitions from artists whom I would have never heard of, but now love.

The Hub is a beautiful and inviting place. When joining, I was greeted with open arms and warm smiles. I helped out with classes and quickly realised how involved the Hub was with its local community. People of any age or skill can participate and meet others of similar interests whilst learning a new skill or improving their already established hobby. The range of media like textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery and even dance were wonderful and exciting, and could open up doors to future jobs, new experiences or new friends, and get excited for new events they have planned for the future.

Whilst doing my work experience, I got to do many different activities. I helped out a youth group with glazing and even got to do one of my own! I helped clean up and set up, and loved talking to the kids glazing their pots and seeing what they created last time. I also had the opportunity to join a group for their pottery class where I made a paint palette out of clay.

Seeing people who may struggle to socialise out of their homes that really benefit from an environment like the Hub. And I think that’s beautiful and a wonderful achievement that should be seen more. Even for people who visit once, they can see groups creating and chatting, and whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to see a group singing together in the café.

The exhibition I saw was celebrating women who made art through stitching and quilting. Quilting was used to cover bed sheets, and were often made by hand unlike the ones you buy today. Fabrics were sewn together in patterns and often tell a story. So much work is put into them, that they often get passed down as heirlooms. Now Quilting is no longer needed for a practical use, it is used as an art form.

I love how the artists are often not super well known, and how the Hub can support them through not just the gallery but the shop too. I and many others may have never seen the artist’s work that was shown, but thanks to the Hub I’ve found artists who’s work I love.

An interesting piece that was part of a series from Karina Thompson. Her art piece used quilting and created a ‘recovery Quilt’ that she made while in depression. She says how someone else asked her the very same question that was on her quilt

“what will you do with your anger?”. This piece spoke a lot about struggles and how art can help us reflect and process those feelings. It shows how we can put are feelings into something beautiful.

I am also very intrigued by Dirkje Van Horst-Beetsma’s work after I saw ‘Wietske’s postcards’. He used old photos from his family and letters from a little girl to her father who was in the Army.

History, stories and nature were his favourite themes for his art pieces. In his multimedia piece, ‘Wietske’s postcards’ is an excellent example of history and telling a story through the stitching of antique postcards and photos that were sewn together with string. The string in my opinion shows how all of it is connected and the story it tells.

Overall I loved my time at the Hub, and I hope I will get to come back and help again in the future.